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What Truck Driving Means for Veterans

May 28, 2021

For Americans, veterans like you are highly regarded since you’ve risked your life for your people and country. However, once you’ve retired from the military it may feel difficult to find new purpose as you return to civilian life. Finding a career that has steady pay and job security can be a little challenging, but you may not be looking in the right place. The trucking industry is growing at a very quick pace, and there are a lot openings for truck drivers. You may be asking what being a veteran means in relation to truck driving. Truck driving is a great option when it comes to a career change because of the multiple positive benefits that come with the job. We’ve listed just a few reasons as to why truck driving is a career that is a perfect fit for a veteran.   


A New Door Opens 

While serving in the military, you may have had the chance to explore driving a military vehicle, which actually counts as experience in the truck driving field. If you did have exposure to this form of driving, you’ve not only driven a large vehicle but also done so in some of the harshest conditions. As someone who was hands-on in the military, you understand the importance of road safety and you have the tools to execute road safety.  

If you were not able to have this experience in the military, don’t worry! CDL training is available for veterans at a usually faster time frame than those who are just everyday civilians due to their time served. Once you achieve a CDL it is recommended that you get some behind-the-wheel training. Just because you have passed the CDL test doesn’t give you a full comprehensive understanding of the industry laws and regulations the way that training will. You don’t have to go to a truck driving school to get a CDL but it is highly recommended and the best way to help you learn the ropes of trucking. There are a variety of truck driving schools available for you to turn to in regards to your CDL training, no matter where you are located. CDL Vet has a full directory of these schools based on your location.  


Utilize the G.I. Bill 

If you are a military veteran of the United States Armed Forces, you can use your G.I. Bill to receive a state-of-the-art education and hands-on training at a CDL truck driving training school. Your G.I. Bill can be used to cover your CDL training and even an apprenticeship at a VA approved school. Many schools are accepting the usage of a G.I. Bill for all new truck drivers. Check out our other article that talks about three reasons to use your G.I. Bill towards your new truck driving career! 


Time Flexibility 

One of the most beneficial parts of the truck driving career and industry is the time flexibility. When in the military, you may travel around the country or the globe. A career in truck driving allows for the driver to continue moving around. When you aren’t on the road, you would be able to visit home on a decent schedule. When working as a truck driver, you get to make a schedule that works for you. This flexibility can help ensure that you are able to visit and see your family on a more consistent timeline. If you were deployed in the past, you might not have been able to see your loved ones very often, so this is certainly an attractive aspect of working as a truck driver.  


Assisting the Industry 

As mentioned earlier, the trucking industry is growing at a rapid pace without enough drivers to fill the seats. This industry can help provide veterans with a steady income, job security, and the ability to further grow your military learned skills. Merging into trucking driving as a veteran is a quick way to begin life as an everyday civilian but allows you the opportunity to grow and enhance your already existing skills. The best part? You are still assisting for your country by bringing products to places who need them all over the nation.  

Ready to get started? See how CDL Vet can help you get started on your new career path as a truck driver.