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Protect Yourself While Trucking in the Summer Heat

May 14, 2021

As a veteran, you’ve experienced a ton of training and missions that may have involved being exposed to the rising heat and the bright sun. Even though truck drivers spend most of their working hours are spent inside a cab, truckers are still in a position where they are exposed to the elements more than the average nine-to-fiver. Taking the knowledge of protecting yourself in the harsh heat and sun rays from your time in the military can come in handy even within the seat of a trucking cab. Prepping your truck for extreme temperatures is very important, but don’t forget to prepare your body in the process. Whether you’re driving through the humid Mississippi delta or the dry heat of southwest deserts, your job can take you through some pretty stifling climates in the summer, so it’s important to recognize how dangerous high temperatures can be and make sure you are prepared. 



Drink More Water  

When training in the military, you may have experienced some harsher weather conditions that could leave you with limited water supply. It’s critical to maintain a certain amount of water intake a dayTruckers sometimes have a tendency to withhold water in order to cut down on restroom pit stops, especially when they’re on a tight deadline. While understandable, this is a habit that should not be practiced in the heat of summer. Whether you’re sweating profusely or not, simply being in hot temperatures makes your body use more water than it does when it’s cooler outside. Of course keeping the AC running in the truck helps, but the sun coming in from the window can still sap your energy and heat your body up. If you find yourself feeling more sluggish than you should, you’ve probably not had enough water! You’ll be able to drive longer and perform your job best if you stay hydrated. 



Prepare For The Unexpected 

Along the same lines of drinking more water, it is a good idea to keep a gallon or two stored in your truck in case of emergencies. What if you have a breakdown in the middle of the desert? Temperatures here can easily soar over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and depending on where you are, it could be hours until someone comes to help. Staying hydrated is the most important thing when you’re looking at surviving in extremely hot temperatures.  


It would also be wise to pack a white umbrella, extra sunscreen, and a battery operated fan. It may sound like you’re getting prepared for a vacation, but if you’re broken down in the sweltering sun with no AC and no shade to be found, you’ll be glad you had these items on hand. 


Protect Your Trucker’s Arm 

If you’ve ever driven a lot in the summer, you know what trucker’s arm is. Not only can the sun coming in that driver’s side window give you a comical tan line, but overexposure can lead to sunburns and skin cancer over time. Slather on the sunscreen to keep your arm skin safe! 


The summertime heat is fun for vacationers, but it can really take a toll on truckers if you don’t watch out for your health. Stay cool, stay prepared, and enjoy your time on the road!