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Debunked Myths About Truck Driving

May 21, 2021

As a veteran, moving into the civilian workforce can be a little scary, especially if an interesting job is surrounded by myths. Truck driving is a great job opportunity for veterans as they move away from the military lifestyle into everyday civilian living. Unfortunately, the truck driving industry is riddled with myths that simply are not true. These myths can actually deter an individual from starting a truck driving career because they feel they are not the person for the job, based off of untrue stereotypes. If you’re a military veteran considering a career in the truck driving industry, don’t believe these three common and crazy myths. 

Truck Driving is For the Boys 

Female veterans, this myth probably sounds familiar. If you search any truck driving school and find photos of their graduates, we guarantee there will be a good number of women. Although men do have a majority in the industry, more and more women are choosing to pursue a truck driving career. If you believe you’d enjoy the many benefits of being a truck driver, it doesn’t matter if you are a male or a female – anyone can have a successful career as a professional truck driver! Even with growing numbers, men still make up the majority, but the strong women who are entering the field are doing their part to close that gap.  

Most Accidents are Caused by Truck Drivers 

Another insane myth about truck drivers is that they are the main cause of road accidents. Did you know that truck drivers actually only cause an average of 2.4% of accidents? The majority of accidents are caused by distracted drivers in passenger vehicles. Truck drivers are 3 times less likely to be involved in an accident than a passenger driver. This is due to their intense road training in comparison to the general training that a residential driver receives. Military veterans who are accustomed to rigorous training and holding themselves to a higher standard should have no trouble being responsible truckers and helping to change outsiders’ negative perceptions 

Truck Drivers are not Compensated Well 

This is quite possibly the silliest myth out there! Truck drivers actually make a rather nice salary each year. The average salary for a beginner professional truck driver ranges from $37,000 – $44,000. Of course, this is far above minimum wage and continues to grow as you advance your career in the industry. Truckers with years of experience can earn anywhere from $60,000 – $85,000. Talk about a great salary! 


If you are a military veteran searching for a new career, you should strongly consider becoming a professional truck driver. CDL Vet has the resources you need to learn more about trucking schools and companies in your area.